Race Prep tips

You registered for a race? Good for you! Scroll down to find out what's next!

4 weeks out

Make a training plan and stick to it!


Make sure you are running or walking leading up to the event!

Find a running group

Join us for another event to help you practice!

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3 Weeks Out

Train, but don't take it too seriously!

Running is fun! Try to get your friends or family involved for a little company.

Prep a silly costume!

Most races have a theme and some even have prizes for the best dressed.

Make a team!

Racing with your friends and family can save everyone money. Check your event details to find out how much you can save!

Raise money for the cause!

Friends, family, and coworkers can support you and the cause by donating through pledges.

2 Weeks out

Keep Training

Don't be afraid to switch it up. Mix strength training with your cardio, or go swimming, a great option for low-impact exercise.

Compete with your friends

See who can run the fastest on your team!

Get matchy-matchy

Making costumes? Make sure your team matches!

1 week out

Stay hydrated!

Daily water intake levels vary by age, weight, and fitness levels, so 

Relax in the bath!

This will help keep you loose and limber leading up to race day

Stretch it out!

Focus on hamstrings, hips, ankles. Keep everything loose and limber.

Eat healthy!

Make sure you are eating full-sized healthy meals to stay fueled up but not weighed down by heavy foods.

Last Minute Prep

Bring a reusable water bottle!

Our team of volunteers can refill it for you during the race!

Carpool with your team!

Recycle your bib pins

Bring your pins back to the registration table after the race so they can be reused at another event!

Have fun!

No matter if it is your first race or 50th, the most important thing is to enjoy it!